• Dildos & Butt Plugs

    The largest selection of Hankey's Toys Dildos and Anal Plugs

    Buy your Hankeys Toys sex toys online and choose from the brand's best models. Whether you are looking for a large realistic silicone dildo, a fantasy or Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) dildo, we have the Hankey that will fulfill your desires and your fantasies. We are official reseller in France and import our non-standard dildos directly from the manufacturing workshops in the USA. Sex toys made of high quality silicone with incredible details.

  • Accessories

    Accessories adapted to your Hankey's Toys

    To complete your Mrhankeystoys sextoys, discover our selection of accessories such as the Remove-O-Balls, massive and heavy silicone balls that fit fit your realistic dildo. For a perfect hold during your dildoing sessions, opt for a suction cup attachment. So you can indulge in intense anal pleasure ! Very practical accessories that will optimize the full power of your Hankeys Toys products !

  • Lubricants

    Lubricants for sex toys adapted to your large dildos and plugs

    Using a non-standard American brand dildo requires a suitable lubricant. Choose yours from our selection of sexual lubricants. Lubes based on water, silicone but also hybrid or powder textures like Fistpowder. Remember that Hankey's Toys are sometimes huge and require large amounts of lubricant for maximum anal sensations. That's why we recommend Fistpowder, Swiss Navy but also Elbow Grease !

  • Poppers

    Poppers for maximum excitement and anal dilation

    Poppers is a powerful sexual stimulant particularly appreciated by users of XXL sex toys such as Hankey's Toys large dildos. Choose the Poppers flavor that's right for you and quickly switch to larger sized dildos. We recommend for the use of Mr. Hankey's Sexual Stimulating Aromas from Lockerroom such as Blue Boy, Amsterdam, Jungle Juice. The best powerful Poppers in 25ml bottles and at the best prices.

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