Is Poppers a powerful sexual stimulant ?

A vasodilator invented in 1844

Invented in the 19th century by a chemist, this product was used in medicine. But the main side effects observed were euphoria and a feeling of relaxation. As early as the 1970s, poppers first circulated in Gay (Homosexual) circles for their effects on sexuality: increased erection duration, amplified orgasmic contractions</ strong>, delayed ejaculation.

Some people need a booster during their sex games. This amplifies the sensations. Poppers is above all a powerful relaxant of the anus. So you can enjoy several or solo for long periods of time. These are stimulating aromas reserved for adults who love strong sensations and big sex toys. But many consumers simply use it festively in the evening.

Sexuality, Poppers and (very) big sex toys

Sometimes you crave a big cake but your stomach quickly feels indigestion. For sex it's the same thing, you have to be well trained or very relaxed to support very large sex toys. The sexually stimulating aromas relax and relax the anus in just seconds. This greatly facilitates sodomy for example or the use of a large dildo.

Poppers are available over the counter and are legal in France. But be careful because this is not the case in all countries. Avoid taking this kind of product in your luggage during your vacation (even if you plan to go and play with adults in a sex club on the other side of the world or on a paradise island).

The different Poppers on sale

4 types of aromas, their advantages and disadvantages

Based on Amyl nitrites

Amyl nitrites are strong, with a fairly gradual rise and more persistent effects over time than other formulas. This is probably the best formula: euphoric, stimulating, disinhibiting. The only downside is that it stinks.


Isopropyl is "the origin of poppers", the first molecule that has been used since the 80s. This version of the vasodilator is sold under the brands Sexline, Jungle Juice, Liquid Gold, Rush and others...

Butyl based

The isobutyl molecule avoids possible headaches and keeps better. It increases the duration of orgasm and improves anal or vaginal dilation. It is a powerful aroma reserved for regulars.

Based on Pentyle

Pentyl Nitrites are the best selling Poppers in the world because they are the strongest. Economical, they evaporate more slowly (sometimes 2 to 3 times slower than other formulas). This is the case of Jungle Juice Platinum, Amsterdam, Black Label or Blue Boy.

Lockerrom the best original Poppers

It is a well-known brand or rather a manufacturer. Indeed the firm whose logo represents two "J" back to back is the manufacturer of Jungle Juice, Jungle Juice Plus, Amsterdam, Blue Boy. No copies, only original formulas. Buying Lockerrom branded products means having the guarantee of buying quality products. But beware of counterfeits. Many Poppes sales sites indeed offer copies sold at the prices of the original products.