How are large silicone sex toys made ?

Many of you ask us how large silicone dildos and other adult accessories are created and manufactured. The Hankey's Shop team answers your curiosity and will explain to you the secret of making a realistic Hankey's Toys silicone dildo.

Imagination and sometimes an X actor as a model

Most sex toys come from the imagination of their creators. They are often inspired by real erect or sometimes flaccid penises. Modeling work is done. it is when the "matrix" is perfect that dildos can be molded from this negative. The silicone is then directly injected and after a drying time, the sex toy appears.

Some models are realistic and others inspired by nature, science fiction or mythology as is the case in the Sci-Fi collection from Mr. Hankey's Toys.

From an actor's cock to a detailed realistic dildo

It happens that a porn actor has such a beautiful penis that the creators of dildos decide to make an exact copy of his penis. This is the case in the workshops of the American firm of Mr. Hankey's Toys. Indeed, they do not hesitate to bring in models such as Michael Vegas, Nick Capra, Cutler X or Cody Cachet to copy their cocks. The actor, whether Gay, Bi or Straight, poses for long minutes with a kind of "gel" around his cock and balls.

Once this molding has been obtained, certain details are corrected by hand. The result is often impressive as it is realistic. It must be said that the "Premium Silicone" allows very faithful reproductions.

High quality and "Safe" sex toys

Unlike cheap adult products made in China, Hankeys are hand-created and mass-dyed. There are no added dyes or chemicals once the dildo is made. It is therefore completely "Safe" and without danger for the body and the private parts of the user.

Declination of the original model in huge sizes

When Hankey's Toys goes 4XL

This is the originality and strength of this brand of sex toys, unique in the world. Create huge, gigantic sized dildos and anal plugs. Imagine a penis over 40cm in height! It is so exciting and beautiful that you will be in awe of such works of art.

The "ORIGINAL" model is already bigger than the penis from which it is inspired. But for lovers of hard sex, for those who want XXL anal or vaginal sensations, there is no shortage of very large sex toys. The Hankey's Shop team is happy to be able to offer you the best dildos in ORIGINAL, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL, XXXL and even 4XL sizes. We have the largest collection of Hankey's Toys dildos in Europe !