Gender-neutral sex toys

Our selection of neither male nor female sex toys

Sex toys have been around for a very long time. We find traces of the existence of such objects more than 30,000 years ago. In this field, it must be said that the imagination has no limits: the legend of Cleopatra's vibrator which used the buzzing of bees, the luxurious Murano glass dildos, a fashionable sex toy in Europe in the 15th century. These days we find ultra-sophisticated sex toys that even go so far as to use artificial intelligence.

His inventions in the service of pleasure are generally categorized either as “For men” objects or as “For women” objects. At a time when the question of gender occupies public space, it seems important to us to be able to offer sex toys and accessories for intimate pleasures that meet this demand.

Sex toys without gender but not without elegance !

This is why we offer a selection of sextoys that are neither male nor female and which do not have the appearance of a man's sex, for example. Moreover, the Hankey's Toys brand does not only imagine large male dildos, it also designs original sex toys adapted to all sensitivities. This is particularly the case of the fantastic Assbergé, a real sculpture that will satisfy all desires.

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