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The largest selection of Hankey's Toys Dildos and Anal Plugs

Buy your Hankeys Toys sex toys online and choose from the brand's best models. Whether you are looking for a large realistic silicone dildo, a fantasy or Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) dildo, we have the Hankey that will fulfill your desires and your fantasies. We are official reseller in France and import our non-standard dildos directly from the manufacturing workshops in the USA. Sex toys made of high quality silicone with incredible details.


  • Realistic Dildo

    Hankey's Toys realistic silicone dildos and anal plugs

    Buy your Hankey's Toys dildo or anal plug online and choose from the best models of the American brand. High quality silicone sex toys with incredible details. We are a reseller of Mr. Hankey's Toys in France and import our large realistic dildos directly from the manufacturing workshops in the USA.

  • Fantasy Dildo

    Hankey's Toys Silicone Fantasy Anal Sex Toys

    Discover the American brand's Fantasy sex toys, dildos and plugs. Original models born from the creativity of the Mr. Hankey's Toys team. Sexuality or rather "sexualities" are often synonymous with fantasy, imagination and creativity. That's why Hankey's designers have no limits and let their imagination run wild. This is how very original and terribly effective Fantasy dildos are born. All are made of very high quality silicone, by hand, in the workshops of the Californian firm.

  • Sci-Fi Dildo

    Hankey's Toys Silicone Sci-Fi Anal Sex Toys

    Discover the American brand's Sci-Fi sex toys, dildos and plugs. Original models inspired by the universe of Science Fiction and Comics. From the sea monster to that of a superhero, there is certainly a dildo or an anal plug to satisfy all your fantasies, including the wildest! Sex toys made with very high quality silicone, by hand, in the workshops of the American firm.

  • Dildo for beginner

    Dildos and anal plugs suitable for beginners

    If you are looking to introduce yourself to anal pleasure, using a small dildo is a good choice. A small dildo, neither too long nor too wide will be the perfect companion for your first anal or vaginal experiences. It can be used solo to give pleasure or in preparation for sodomy with your partner. Our Hankey's Toys specialist sex shop offers a selection of silicone dildos and anal plugs suitable for beginners.

  • XS Dildos

    Hankey's Toys XS size dildos: your first Mr. Hankey's Toys sex toys !

  • Small Dildos

    Small size dildos suitable for beginners

    Buying a first dildo is not always easy. Beginners can start exploring anal pleasure with a small dildo. This is the best way to learn to discover pleasure through the anus or the vagina. At Hankey's Toys, two types of small silicone dildos exist, the small dildos and the "Original" models.

  • Medium Dildos

    Medium sized dildos for more sensations

    If you already use dildos for pleasure, it's time to upgrade. Buying a medium or medium-sized silicone dildo opens up new perspectives in your search for pleasure. Dildos also suitable for those new to Mr. Hankey's Toys sex toys.

  • Large Size Dildos

    Big wide dildos for experts

    Buying a big wide dildo can allow the greediest to reach orgasm quickly. This is a sex toy size reserved for expert orifices. For maximum sensations, it's an ambitious choice that will satisfy the most enduring sex lovers.

  • Dildos size L/XL
  • XL Dildos
  • XXL size dildos
  • XXXL size dildos
  • Dildos Size 4XL
  • Gender-neutral sex toys

    Our selection of neither male nor female sex toys

    Sex toys have been around for a very long time. We find traces of the existence of such objects more than 30,000 years ago. In this field, it must be said that the imagination has no limits: the legend of Cleopatra's vibrator which used the buzzing of bees, the luxurious Murano glass dildos, a fashionable sex toy in Europe in the 15th century. These days we find ultra-sophisticated sex toys that even go so far as to use artificial intelligence.

    His inventions in the service of pleasure are generally categorized either as “For men” objects or as “For women” objects. At a time when the question of gender occupies public space, it seems important to us to be able to offer sex toys and accessories for intimate pleasures that meet this demand.

    Sex toys without gender but not without elegance !

    This is why we offer a selection of sextoys that are neither male nor female and which do not have the appearance of a man's sex, for example. Moreover, the Hankey's Toys brand does not only imagine large male dildos, it also designs original sex toys adapted to all sensitivities. This is particularly the case of the fantastic Assbergé, a real sculpture that will satisfy all desires.

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