Mr Hankey's Toys DildoHankey's Toys

Hankey's Toys are much more than sex toys, they are true works of art. Exclusive creations handcrafted in the American brand's workshops in San Diego, California. Unique and original sculptural objects. Whether ultra realistic, inspired by the world of Science Fiction or totally eccentric and extravagant, your Hankey's Toys is designed with very high quality materials to provide a completely new experience of pleasure.

Objects of desire made by hand: almost artisanal know-how

Each creation from the Mr. Hankey's Toys workshops is crafted by hand and according to extremely rigorous quality criteria. Molded in exclusive dies, a Hankey's Toys is a creation resulting from almost artisanal know-how. Some models, ultra realistic dildos, are created from casts directly on the male anatomy. That's why they look like real penises, detailed and so desirable.

Other models are the fruit of the boundless imagination of a creative and daring team. They project the experience of pleasure towards universes never before explored.

Finesse and quality of materials, extreme realism of details

The brand is particularly recognized for the high level of quality of its adult toys. It is a Premium grade silicone, the best available and which is used to mold all models. Whether they are impressively realistic silicone dildos or more fanciful models; all are manufactured according to rigorous reviews and permanent quality control. It is this unique know-how combined with high-level materials that allows the reproduction of details with incredible and disconcerting finesse.

Awards and rewards

Mr. Hankey's Toys is recognized and awarded around the world. Some of the brand's bold creations stand out with AVN, XBIZ, ALT Porn, Cybersocket, Urban X Awards, Prowler Awards and more. You can be assured of purchasing a high-end item from a brand that has become cult. The most creative designs as well as superior quality manufacturing are real guarantees for those of you who access the Hankey's Toys universe.

Hankey's Toys loves everyone

Breaking the codes, going beyond certainties and preconceived ideas, breaking away from the norms, that's the whole philosophy of Hankey's Toys. Objects that arouse curiosity and desire beyond genres. Moreover, the brand doesn't care about conventions: Gay, Heterosexual, Bisexual, non-gendered, LGBTQIA+... because pleasure has no gender and no borders, Hankey's Toys loves everyone and that's without question. doubt why everyone loves Hankey's Toys!