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Swiss Navy Anal Premium

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Swiss Navy anesthetic anal lubricant

Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant is a long-lasting, silicone-based formula that is silky smooth and contains clove leaf oil. The addition of clove allows for more comfortable playing. Indeed this 100% natural component produces an anesthetic effect. You will therefore be able to play with large sex toys (or large penises..) without pain but while retaining all your sensations.

Capacity: 118 ml
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  • Hypoallergenic and non-absorbable
  • Natural anesthetic effect for more comfort
  • Incredible velvety feel
  • Hygienic and economical thanks to its pump bottle
  • Does not stick and leaves no trace.

Available in pump bottles: 29ml, 59ml, 118ml, 237ml and 473ml.

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