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Taking care of her hole with Hankey's Toys dildos is good. And if you also thought about your penis and your balls ? Discover our selection of Cockrings, Ballstretchers, Masturbators. And for those who aren't ready for the big sex toys from Mr. Hankey's Toys yet, we have some seriously exciting realistic dildos.


  • Cockring

    The cock ring to boost your orgasms

    Using a cock ring (also called penis ring) immediately results in a stiffer and thicker penis. Buying a silicone or metal cock ring is an effective solution for men who want to increase their sexual sensations. The other advantage of the penis ring and that it prolongs the erection. With a partner or solo. This adult accessory is fantastic... This is probably why the cock-ring is the sex toy most used by men and not just by Gays, contrary to what many people think. Do you want to bend harder or have more intense orgasms ? Buy a cockring online. It's discreet, very effective and you won't be able to do without it !

  • Ballstretcher

    Ballstretchers, sex toys designed to stretch your balls

    A ballstretcher is a device used to stretch the balls. It is generally used by men to increase their sexual pleasure and sensations in this sensitive area of the male body, the balls. Ballstretchers come in a variety of sizes and materials, and can be worn for extended periods for more intense effects.

  • CockSheaths

    Extenders to enlarge your penis

    Penis sleeves, Cock-sheaths or extenders enlarge, lengthen and thicken the penis. Like a second skin, they allow you to switch to large caliber mode to offer more pleasure to your partner.

    Ultra exciting sexual accessory, opaque, transparent or colored, it spices up your penetrations. If your partner is greedy, the Cocksheath offers him even more sensations !

  • Masturbator

    Accessories and sex toys for masturbation

  • Oxballs Pure Platinum
  • Penis pump
  • Realistic dildo

    Realistic dildos like real penises

  • Butt plug

    Plugs are sex toys that allow you to train and gradually prepare your anus or vagina. Before using a big dildo or a large sex toy like Hankey's Toys for example, you can play with anal plugs of different sizes. Thus your muscles will be relaxed and your orifice prepared for larger calibers. Generally silicone plugs offer the best sensations.

    But you can also use a plug as a sex toy and give yourself pleasure with it without going for sexier sex toys. Don't forget that some of our models of silicone butt plugs in Medium or Large sizes already offer very powerful sensations.

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